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Learn about Crystal Cove Reno

Crystal Cove Shop was founded nearly two decades ago in Reno, NV by Laura and Art Peppard.


Created out of their passion and need to create a place for people to gather, prepare and begin your journey.


Their lifelong goal has been to provide the existential pick, shovel and gear to dig deeper into the essence of yourself and our infinite universe.

Come visit us in person! 

Crystals, Stones & Jewelry From Around The World

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Fluorescent Crystals


Come to our MIDTOWN location to experience the new concept of choosing the right CRYSTAL for you!


In the DARK, based on YOUR feelings!

You'll find that the right crystal will call out to you based on what you need at the moment, and that is often the best way to choose a crystal.

Our darkroom is OPEN and READY to show YOU just how it works!


Discover your ability to sense the unique vibration of each crystal and feel which is right for you!

Crystal vibrations resonate with energies in our bodies, and when that harmonizing stone is in our energy field, it strengthens the energies within us.


Let the crystals choose you!

Fluorescent Crystals are available for  purchase as well 

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